Canadian Woman Goes Viral for Traveling 8,000 Miles to the Philippines to Meet Pinoy Boyfriend

Proving that distance does not matter to two people who are in love, a Canadian woman and a Pinoy man were able to sustain a long distance relationship which started when they met each other on social media. But it amazed a lot of people that this lovely young lady would travel more than 8,000 miles to her boyfriend in the Philippines!

Photo credit: Danified / Facebook – BF/GF

It began with a friend request on Facebook back in 2009. What started out as friendship and a multi-cultural exchange of ideas would blossom into romance, despite the distance. Of course, it can be argued that distance is quite relative these days, thanks to technology which brings people ‘together’ even if they are far away.

True enough, the young lovers were able to grow their long distance relationship for the next couple of years – but the Canadian lady would eventually travel to the Philippines to visit her Pinoy boyfriend! Indeed, it was certainly a dream come true for the couple.

Photo credit: Danified / Facebook – BF/GF

They met at the General Santos City International Airport.

But their weeks of bliss would turn into sadness after her time in the Philippines was up. Still, their love grew stronger and she would come back a year later; this time, the two lovers met up at Ninoy Aquino International Airport and flew together to General Santos City.

Photo credit: Danified / Facebook – BF/GF

This was no ordinary visit, however, because this time around, the Canadian woman went to the Philippines to marry her Pinoy boyfriend! Awwwww. Isn’t that sweet?

Photo credit: Danified / Facebook – BF/GF

In a world where people have become cynical about finding love, this pair has proven that it really is still possible to fall in love and stay in love, no matter the distance…

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