Angry Boyfriend Beats Up Girlfriend after ‘Relationship Test’ He Made Before Surprise Proposal Goes Horribly Wrong

A man planning to propose to his girlfriend of 2 years decided to make a ‘relationship test’ to prove that they are really meant for each other and that his girlfriend truly loves him but the test goes horribly wrong — and he would later punch her, leading netizens to urge the woman to file a case against her abusive ex-boyfriend.

In a post on Facebook page OFW Kalingawan, it was revealed that the guy whose identity was kept private, wanted to propose to his girlfriend. To test her love for him, the guy pretended that he wanted to ‘cool off’ with her for a while.

But the guy was shocked to discover that the girl, identity also withheld for privacy reasons, had gone out with other guys.

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One of his friends would later reveal in a separate Facebook post that the boyfriend discovered ‘something’ had already happened with his girlfriend and one of the guys she’s dating during their cool off period.

This angered the guy so much, leading him to beat her up. The girl sported huge bruises on her face, leading her to post photos on her Facebook page to announce that it was her ex-boyfriend who did it, something that he has apparently done before!

Photo credit: The News Journal PH

While the guy’s friend defended him, saying he was unfairly judged because the girl ‘deserved’ the beating due to her cheating on him with several other guys and also taking his money, netizens were shocked over this behavior.

Many were angry that the guy beat the girl up, especially considering that he was the one who asked for the ‘cool off’ – and it didn’t matter that it was merely a ‘test’. For many, no matter what the girl did, she still did not deserve to be beaten up in that manner! He should just have let her go…

But others told the girl she was lucky that she was able to get out of the relationship, knowing this guy was abusive to her even if they weren’t married yet because, for sure, things could easily get worse once she becomes his wife!

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