Student Who Dies of Leukemia Gets Final Wish of Having a Joyous Funeral

A funeral is suppose to be as solemn and peaceful as it should be because the bereaved family is mourning over the loss of their loved ones. But the death of this young man showed death can also be celebrated the way we celebrate life.

Emmanuel Omaña was a student suffering from cancer of the blood called “leukemia”.  Knowing he will not live long enough, he uttered a dying wish and asked for his family and friends to put fun in his funeral to celebrate the beautiful life that he enjoyed instead of mourning his death.

So, when Emmanuel’s life came to an end last July 2, they already knew what to do.

Photo: Emmanuel Omaña/Facebook

Loved by his family and friends, last July 6, the happy funeral that he wished for has been granted. Inspired by the Indie Film “Die Beautiful”, the  sober ceremony going to the cemetery carrying Emmanuel’s casket became a parade as people were singing Abba’s song “Dancing Queen” and grooved to its beat.

Photo : Emmanuel Omaña/Facebook

Emmanuel’s wish of being surrounded with flowers and a choir singing on his burial were also granted.

Photo : Emmanuel Omaña/Facebook

The friends of Emmanuel posted his burial which caught the attention of many netizens; some of them sympathized with them while others looked at it as inappropriate.  It was also featured in different TV news programs for being different and unique.

Though others may not understand the way the burial took place, his family and friends knew that they made Emmanuel happy because his last wish has been granted and though he left because of his untimely death, he took with him the love that they all have for him.

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