Lesbian Couple Gets Back Together, Nearly Breaks Up Again after Discovering They Both Got Pregnant During Split

A lesbian couple shares the strange but heartwarming story of how they split up, got back together, and nearly broke up again after discovering they both got pregnant during the break up period.

Their story has gone viral, gaining various reactions on Facebook; although most of those who commented on their story were touched by their steadfast love for each other despite the challenges they faced in their relationship.

Photo credit: PD29 Relationship Goal / Facebook

The couple posts on Facebook page, PD29 Relationship Goal; however, their fans would soon wonder what happened to them after they didn’t post anything for several months. It turned out they had broken up.

But they got back together soon afterwards; although this second chance at love proved to be more difficult than the first. In a video that has gone viral on social media, they explained just what happened to them.

Photo credit: PD29 Relationship Goal / Facebook

In the post, one of the ladies explained how they had a rather difficult break up but when they got back together, her partner would confess that she was pregnant. It was a major heartache for her, knowing that her partner had been touched by a man and had gotten pregnant during their break up.

Then, she realized that she must forgive her partner if she truly loves her, despite the one mistake she committed.