Kind Girl Brings an Old Sampaguita Vendor to Jollibee, Gets Surprised at Unexpected ‘Ambush’

While walking the streets of Diliman, Quezon City in Metro Manila one night, a kindhearted girl offered dinner to an old lady selling sampaguita but she was quite surprised at the unexpected ‘ambush’ that happened afterwards.

Mikee Blanco shared the experience on Facebook and how it made her feel wonderful.

According to Mikee, she was just walking one night when an old lady selling sampaguita approached her, asking for some food as she had not eaten the entire day. Taking pity on the old lady, Mikee decided to treat her to dinner at a Jollibee which was within walking distance, anyway.

Photo credit: Mikee Blanco / Facebook

As they walked towards the fast food outlet, however, several kids selling sampaguita noticed them and immediately tagged along. The kids asked Mikee if they can also go to Jollibee with her.

Photo credit: Mikee Blanco / Facebook

While she had only planned on treating the old lady, she did not have the heart to say ‘no’ to the kids. Of course, she could have just given them the money she planned to use to treat the old lady but she decided to simply follow her whim and treat everyone to Jollibee that night.

Photo credit: Mikee Blanco / Facebook

Instead of paying for just one chicken meal, she ended up buying a bucket of fried chicken! Indeed, the treat cost her more money than she had initially planned on shelling out but while she went home with less money in her pocket, she had a bigger heart and a happier smile!

Photo credit: Mikee Blanco / Facebook

In this jaded world full of hatred and selfishness, isn’t it wonderful that people like Mikee still exist?

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