Student Called ‘Bobo’ and ‘Ambisyosa’, Graduates with 3 College Degrees in 5 Years!

For many, a college degree ‘should’ only be completed within 4 years but this many students find it difficult to do so, especially because there are certain cutoffs that need to be attained for the course as well as other factors, including finances and even getting pregnant as many students have experienced.

In reality, there are no fixed deadlines in life but people tend to judge those who couldn’t finish their course on time, anyway.

Wynona Pauline Catapang was among those who were unfairly judged by others after learning she’s into her fifth year in college. She was called ‘bobo’ (dull minded) and ‘ambisyosa’ (negative form of being too ambitious) by people.

What they did not know is that she had to spend 5 years in college because she’s actually taking 3 courses at once! Can you believe that? This girl is not ‘bobo’, she’s definitely a genius!

Photo credit: Facebook / Wynona Pauline Catapang

In a lengthy post on Facebook, she detailed the story of her 5-year college triple degree program. She admitted that there were times when she was ready to give up yet she persevered and was able to reap the rewards of her sacrifices.

Can you guess the courses she completed?