Chito Miranda’s Wife Earns Praise as She Sells Ice Candy, Ukay-Ukay, and More!

Neri Naig, the wife of Chito Miranda, has recently gained praise on social media for selling various stuff to earn money – and “stuff” actually means just about anything and everything, including ice candy, ukay-ukay, and more!

They may be rich and famous but Neri is doing her best to earn some extra cash for the family. She’s the epitome of #MomGoals that had netizens cheering. Their earnings from these business ventures go to Baby Miggy’s bank account.

Screenshot by TNP

What we love most about Neri’s ventures is that she actually offers products that other moms can easily relate with. For example, a lot of stay-at-home moms sell ice and ice candy from the comforts of their home – and Neri does the same thing!

Check out some of Neri’s business ventures in the list below. You’ll surely be inspired to try some of these out for yourself.