During Opening of McDonald’s Outlet across the Street, a Jollibee Branch Stages Dance Off with All its Mascots!

While the homegrown brand Jollibee is undeniably the favorite fastfood chain for Filipinos, its foreign competitor McDonald’s is quickly catching up.

But have you noticed how these two fastfod chains love to be located near each other? Perhaps it is a marketing strategy of sorts or just a matter of coincidence due to limited available spots, these two are often just a few meters away from each other – whether inside malls or in towns and cities across the country.

So, how do they handle the competition? I bet they are trying to outdo each other even if they would probably not admit that!

Photo credit: Bart Ayate / Facebook

Now, according to a post on Facebook by netizen Bart Ayate, the opening day of McDonalds Talipapa in Barangay Talipapa, Quezon City was met by a dance off by all the mascots of Jollibee – including the jolly bee himself!

Perhaps Jollibee and his friends were trying to welcome Ronald McDonald to the neighborhood as they ‘lived’ just across the street but some netizens couldn’t help but comment that the Jollibee branch might be trying to attract and ‘steal’ customers from McDonald’s on that day since people often enjoy trooping to a new spot.

What do you think?