WATCH: Dayan Claims Love Affair with De Lima Reached ‘Signal No. 5’

Netizens are getting either amused or enraged with the spectacle of Ronnie Dayan and his love affair with Sen. Leila De Lima in the past. People are getting some laughs over his testimonies about their love affair; though many are not amused over his statements, especially the ones regarding the money involved in the case.

Still, with the probers trying to connect the dots, they also wanted to ask Dayan about the love affair which De Lima had admitted as well.

Photo credit: Jonathan Cellona, ABS-CBN News
Photo credit: Jonathan Cellona, ABS-CBN News

Last Thursday, during the inquiry on the drug trade, Ilocos Norte Rodolfo Fariñas asked how intense their relationship had been, possibly in hopes of establishing how the relationship affected De Lima’s role in the narcotics trade.

De Lima’s former lover and driver said that towards the end of the relationship when he was receiving money on her behalf, the relationship was already ‘signal no. 1’, an apparent allusion to storm signals.

The chamber erupted in laughter after Dayan said, “Medyo signal number 1 na lang po sir medyo mahina-hina na po. (It was just signal number one, it was kind of weak.)

Fariñas asked Dayan further as to how intense the love affair had reached at its peak. To this, Dayan admitted, “Umabot din po siguro mga signal number 5 sir. (I think it reached signal number 5.)” This was once again met with laughter.

Watch the exchange here: