Sick Mom Scammed by Guy Who Pretended that He’s Possibly Her Long-Lost Son

She’s sick and probably doesn’t have a lot of time remaining on Earth; acknowledging this, Laurie Dollente shares the story of her long-lost son Earl on “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” (KMJS) in hopes that she could still meet and hug her son before she goes. It’s not about being morbid; she’s just being practical and realistic.

Her appeal for the public to help her find her son touched the hearts of countless netizens who hoped that she would find the boy soon.

So, when a guy who goes by the name Armstrong Miggy posted on Facebook that he could be the long-long boy, netizens clamored to help him meet the Dollentes and take a DNA test. Indeed, photos of Miggy bore striking resemblance to Earl that a lot of netizens hoped he could truly be the long-lost boy so that Laurie will be happy.

Photo credit: Facebook / Armstrong Miggy
Photo credit: Facebook / Armstrong Miggy

He would soon be in contact with the family; although Laurie nearly had a heart attack the first time they talked as she truly felt hope that he could be her long-lost son.

He soon grew close to Mimi as they spoke over the phone and exchanged text messages every day. KMJS facilitated their meeting; though he expressed reservations over having the story aired on TV as he was afraid his adoptive family might reject him and would feel bad that he was trying to connect with his possible birth family. Under that guise, he did not sign the contract with KMJS.

Still, KMJS help facilitate the DNA test as well as the meeting between him and the Dollentes. The family was puzzled when he gave the name MELVIN GONZALES MANIACOP and birthday of February 17, 1993 but he said it was the name he was used to as a kid – and ‘Armstrong Miggy’ was just a nickname.

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