WARNING: Eating Undercooked and Blanched Kangkong Can Be Deadly!

While kangkong (or water spinach) is a common leafy vegetable eaten in the Philippines both by animals and people alike, it can actually be deadly if not cooked well!

Described as a noxious vegetable which often thrives even if untended by people, kangkong easily grows in watery areas and is considered a delicious side dish or vegetable meal in many households.

Stir-fried and adobong kangkong dishes are served even in some high-end restaurants! But the vegetable is also served as a blanched dish wherein it is simply dipped in a pot of water for a few seconds so as to retain its crispiness when served.

Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

The problem lies in this last cooking method because it can lead to a deadly condition called Fasciolopsiasis.

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