This Filipino Boy Sells Corn during Weekends So He Can Have Money for School

In the Philippines, a lot of school kids come from poor families who are too poor that they could not afford to take a ride to school or buy snacks and lunch – but while that is a sad reality, there are also many kids who try their best to help their parents earn money during weekends or after school hours during weekdays so that they can have some extra cash to use in school.

Take for example this young boy named J-Ar who was recently featured on Facebook page, TNP – Trending News Portal. According to the site, a social media user had spotted the boy in a public utility bus in San Fernando City in La Union, northern Philippines.

Photo credit: Facebook / TNP - Trending News Portal
Photo credit: Facebook / TNP – Trending News Portal

This netizen wondered why the boy was alone and bringing a basket; upon sitting down, the boy picked up one corn from his plastic basket and munched on it. Seeing that the boy was clearly by himself, this netizen couldn’t help but ask where his parents were.

The boy replied that he arrived in the city from their hometown in Bauang (a nearby town) with his dad who was also selling corn. As second of five siblings, he helps his father during weekends while his mother is left at home to care for his younger siblings.

Touched by J-Ar’s plight and diligence, the netizen wanted to give him money but only had enough extra cash to pay for the boy’s fare. This netizen mused how there are kids like J-Ar who work hard to help their parents while also juggling time for school while there are those who simply hang out with friends and do not even help with the chores at home…