Chief “Bato” Posts Throwback Photo When He Still Had Hair on His Head

Gen. Ronald Dela Rosa or Chief “Bato” is the highest ranking official in the Philippine National Police (PNP). People see him as a tough guy and often liken him to “Mr. Clean” or to action star Dwayne Johnson (who is called “The Rock”, the English term for “Bato”).

Aside from being known for his tough stance against drugs and corruption, he is also known for his shiny hairless head – which isn’t really bad and a negative trait, of course. After all, aside from Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel, there are other awesome bald guys in the world, including the leader of the X-Men, Professor Xavier (LOL on this one as the guy doesn’t exist in the ‘real world’).

Anyway, a lot of people have been wondering how the police chief might have looked like when he still had hair on his head. So, ever the gentleman, Gen. Dela Rosa decided to give in to his fans’ request and posted a throwback photo of him with hair – and his fans were pleased!

Photo credit: Facebook / Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa
Photo credit: Facebook / Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa

Many commented how he did look good as a younger man but others were cool with his looks now, for the 54-year-old police chief still looks like an action star despite his age…

So, what do you think of Chief Bato’s throwback photo?